Tuesday, April 23, 2013


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          Today We are Introducing With  New Technic and new software  to control your computer with your voice command. Voice Recognition and dictation Application on mobile phone Like Assistant, vlingo etc. But its possible with this kind of technology Dragon naturally speech recognition software. if you have never use voice command software before ''Dragon naturally'' seems is almost future. it's an easy software  To user  Interact with their computer by voice command, you can dictate E-mail , Document and messages in mainstream software.

"Dragon Naturallyspeaking Premium 12 Voice Recognition Free Software"
                               Dragon Naturally Speaking Voice Recognition Software  Windows and mac  empower user to interact with their  PC by Your voice command . it make easy for anyone to use  a computer, you can talk and it types, you can use your voice to create  and edit E-mail, documents and messages. Dragon naturally software translate accurately, speed is awesome , 
lakes intelligent features allow to this software to become smarter. 

Dragon speech voice recognition software is a new using the latest speech technology provide accurately that improve  with each use it adapt to your speaking language and style. speech recognition is available English (U.K) English(U.S), English(India) ,Germany , France  ,Spanish, Japanese and much more language simplified Easily. Operate your pc minimum using mouse click and keystroke .It make writing faster and accurate 

"Features Of Dragon Naturallyspeaking"

> Interactive Tutorial in dragon guide through fun exercise  that the best practice for detecting formatting and editing, so that u can get quickly.

>Using Facebook & Gmail to control web-based email applications.

>Control your computer through your voice command, operate your pc minimum using mouse click and keystroke, if u want move u'r mouse cursor down one line then simply say " down one" 

>lakh Of command built in and, ability to add more commands with u'r own voice

>Reviewing your word by listening to new, text to speech capable within dragon deliver a synthesized voice that can read text you distance.

> dragon naturally simply integrate with office and easy to use.

> Dragon naturally Software is three time faster than typing.

>More Features You can also see on official web site Dragon Nuance


> CPU: Recommended (Minimum 1 GHZ Intel pentium or 1.66 GHZ  Intel Atom or AMD Processor)
>Operating system: Windows 8, Windows 7, window Vista, Window Xp, 32 bit and 64 bit
>Ram: Minimum 2 GB
>Free Hard disk Space: Minimum  4GB

                  Dragon Naturally Official Price Is $139.99, But Storenut.com Give Its Free Of Cost  Download Dragon Naturally Premium 12 Absolutely Free You'r download link is Here

         How To Setup Dragon Naturally Software

I have Fully Tested Dragon Naturallyspeaking Software In windows 7. It work Smooth and easy,Its incredible software.

> Then Click On Setup and Install.
> The Full Setup Installed Time Could Take Around 30 to 35 Min.

Conclusion- In this Tutorial We are Introduce "How to Control Your computer  Through Your Voice Command" And Storenut Give Free Download Dragon Naturally Premium 12 Software.


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