Saturday, April 20, 2013


   Facebook Introduce Some change and update Its Time line, less than a day.  After rolling Out brand New design  With bright beautiful Stories, Clear layout With New Visual bring Your News Feed  To Your life. Its All About For Your Friend , Each Stories Has Been Reimaged And put Your Spot Light on What your friend Status sharing on facebook. Facebook Change Our Theme With Fresh and delicious Feed with Your own choise. Everywhere u can go, and see the same clean look  and  delicious timeline wherever u' use Facebook  on Your computer, tablet or mobile. Everyone on Facebook Should have the new theme as Soon as possible. 

  "What Changed Facebook With New Design"

> Fresh Look Bigger Stories and Photo In your Feed.

> New Sidebar to access Different Features Such as Group, Timeline, App etc.

> Facebook Notification Will Appear Now in Top right Corner.

> Fresh Feed Each Story Has been to put spotlight on what u'r friend are sharing on his wall

>Everywhere u Can go, and see The Same Clean and delicious timeline Wherever u'use Facebook on your Pc, tablet or Mobile.

                              "How Do You Get  The New Design"

               Now u can Get This New Clean and Crystal Design On Facebook, Should Have The New Design Soon. If u want to get This Design Earlier, Than Signup On Waiting List
And Say Good By Clutter and Change Your Facebook Feed Such As music, Photo And your Time line.

Conclusion- Facebook Some Tweak Change and update Its Timeline. With New Design Bright Beautiful, Clear Layout. With Fresh And Delicious Feed Update. Join The wait List and Get The New Facebook Timeline And Homepage. 
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