Saturday, April 13, 2013


Today We Are Introducing How To Get A Google Voice From Outside the U.S. Google Voice Phone Number Are Only Available In United State Candidate And its Free To Make Unlimited Call . That is  Your Computer Must Have a U.S 'I.P Address' an You must be using local U.S phone number , before continuing you must  get a U.S phone number. 
           " To get a free U.S phone number prefer to previous post "

            Google Voice Service Is Provide To Send Free Message and Place Phone Call to Regular Phone Number From The Computer or Your Phone. This Tutorial  Will Show You To Get Google Voice Phone Number Free Activated From Out Side The U.S. Phone Number.

                          "To Get a Google voice From Outside The U.S" 
                                                  Follow These Steps

1-) First Step Is To Get United State (U.S)  Phone number, If you Have It Then Continue or Not Then Prefer To previous post.
2-) You Have to Download and Install 'Hotspot Shield' It is Important Required Because You Can Not, able to Sign-In to Google Voice From Non U.S(United State)  I.P. address. To get the I.P. of the U.S Therefore download and Install The Hotspot Shield. 

3-) After Install Hotspot Shield, Go to Hotspot shield software and click on connect  now your Hotspot Shield Is Convert your Original I.P. Address Into (U.S) I.P. Address.

4-) Now Go to Its Check to Confirm That u'r location Is Show as 'United state'.

5-) Fifth Step go to your Express Talk Software Then launch Express Talk (may i have Previously Download And Install this Software For Activating your (U.S) Phone Number.

6-)Open Your Browser and go to and Sign-up. 'u Have already  Google Account Then Sign-in'. After Sign in click on get a voice number In left side, Then one popup is open Then Click on I want a New Number, Then Fill Your U.S. Phone Number In 'phone number option, and Phone Type Select Home Then click Continue.

7-) In  Next Screen Click Call me Now Google voice call your U.S Phone Number and That this Should Ring the Express Talk Soft-phone Software. Enter your Confirmation code Using dial-Pad of Express Talk Software once Its verify Now u'r Google Voice Phone is Ready.



 Conclusion - In This Tutorial, I thought That ''How To Get A Free Google Voice From Outside The United state Country. Its Very easy to get This, You Must Have a U.S I.P Address, you must be local U.S phone number you don't have U.S phone number then Read my Previous post ''Get free U.S phone Number'' this process should be done in five minute. 


  1. Thank You For This Wonderful Post.... :) :D

  2. I am not able to do the last step of....I am not able to choose the number..... it is showing The forwarding phone on your account cannot be used to obtain a Google Voice number. what i need to do ?????? please help.............

  3. I am not able to complete the last step.... ie, choosing a number.......... it is showing The forwarding phone on your account cannot be used to obtain a Google Voice number. Wat i need to do .???????? please help..........?????

  4. error ): ''The forwarding phone on your account cannot be used to obtain a Google Voice number''. any solution?

  5. it does not work anymore, it says can use forwarding on this number.

  6. i cant seem to install the hotspot shield

  7. I cant seem to finish the installation for the hotspot shield. need help. please